A new blog!

So after some time experimenting on a quiet little tumblr, I've decided that yes, I want to continue to do 
this blogging thing in a way that may appear more professional and legitimate to the world. My dream of 
establishing networks between other trans dancers is slowly moving somewhere and I have gained enough 
confidence in my writing to believe it deserves to be heard.

So, over the next while, I will slowly be transferring bits from the original tumblr (some dating back to a 
year ago!), reflecting on my growth since then and cleaning up the original so that it no longer holds any 
connection to my personal tumblr (which I prefer to keep private for many reasons). I am not sure what I'll 
do with the original thing yet, but this will now be the hub of my thoughts.

And once I'm sure that the messy ties to my personal social media are cleaned away, I might even embark 
on some shameless self-promotion because this is a thing I want to get out to the world...

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