What’s going on?!

Tl;dr after a natural shift away from blogging, I might start doing some things again, with the warning that my interests are a little different these days.

About two years ago, I naturally shifted away from blogging.

Part of it was just that I was busy and I had been going at it at a frenetic pace that I absolutely couldn’t keep up, but part of it was that I didn’t have as much to say anymore. Most of my saying was happening in other places. For me, that was a sign of success.

The reason I wasn’t keeping up was because the performances and teaching and other connecting activities I was doing was giving me ample space to express myself and so I didn’t need to be putting it on my blog. I was doing the things I wanted to be doing – I presented the installation I had developed at school, I was organizing regular queer dance workshops, I was building relationships with people on my terms, and I had some interesting performances lined up.

Of course, the downside to that is that people who didn’t have access to me in those capacities no longer had access to me. And my writing, in general, kind of just went down the drain. I prioritized the local and artistic communities I was building because I can’t do everything. Online community is important, but it’s not my strongest skillset when in-person local community is possible.

I always meant to return and kept saying I would and then never quite had the time or correct brainspace to actually do it. When the pandemic hit, I thought that would be a good chance to actually do something online since I couldn’t in person, but a number of emergency moves and general pandemic nonsense cut things short. I’m only just coming out of the other side of my personal wringer that started last March.

And then finally, that very uncomfortable thing called change happened. I don’t disagree with the things I’ve written on this blog, but my interests are definitely elsewhere these days. There’s always that little bit of anxiety when posting something that people expect one thing and I’m giving them something else.

But fuck it, this is my blog. The point of this blog has always been to establish my position in the world of dance and beyond. I want to return to writing because I enjoy it and I want to share my current thoughts and ideas and focuses.

So, I’m back. I probably won’t write as regularly as I did before and no promises I’ll stay, but I want to at least try it again.

As a quick taster, here are some of the things I am thinking about these days:

  • Performance as a way to build community
  • Coaching and teaching skills
  • Being generally just Very Done with the dance community
  • Creative solutions to virtual performance (yup, I’m one of those people who is tired of endless livestreams and zooms)
  • Relationships with our body (yeah, that’s always a thing)
  • How to actually make dance and all sorts of art meaningfully accessible

No promises I’ll write anything ever again after posting this, let alone touch on all of these, but I am starting to get back into it and, right now, I’m excited to share thoughts about all of this and more.

If the excitement sticks around, you might end up hearing a lot from me…

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